What You Should Not Do When Using PINTEREST – Things to Avoid

It’s the Pinterest which is a fresh social network platform online. The most amazing fact is that such social network platform has managed to grow really quick since its announcement. If you wish to have fun, then Pinterest is the place online that you will surely like to join. If you wish to be a member of this site, then simply by completing the registration process you can do it. however, there are some do’s as well as don’ts that you need to follow while on Pinterest in order to make your presence more prominent as well as enjoyable on this site.

Now many businesses and individuals are joining this site in order to make their business popular and to have fun online. Becoming a member to Pinterest is having its own taste and can really offer you so many things to enjoy and know. This social network platform has grown exponentially after the announcement and soon it was announced as the 3rd popular social networking platform online.

This site has really attracted millions of people across the globe and they are all pinning their images and photos for the site so that followers can see them. It’s the virtual pin board on Pinterest which is now by many people for different purposes. In order to get the ideas and inspiration now you can even browse through different amazing pin boards on this site.

However, there are a few things that shouldn’t be happen at a site like Pinterest, yet these things are happening now. Surely regular users never wish to see all these things but such happenings are there on Pinterest. This site is now considered as one of the rapidly growing social network platform online and allowing its users to share, collect and pin their photos online.

They can share and add the photos of special events or they can even add the photos of their interest as well as hobbies. This is what allowing the users to pin photos virtually and share them online while covering different categories on this site. But there are a few things which users shouldn’t do on Pinterest in order to prevent others from getting annoyed.
• There are really several websites which allow their users to pin the work which contributes to the publicity of the concerned website. If you wish to attribute the credit to the pin, then it’s always better to add the actual blog or site. But there are many people who believe pining as the copyright infringement. So, whenever you want to pin something ensure that infringing any kind of copyright is prevented at your end.
• While on Pinterest, you shouldn’t add negative comments for the pin. Keep in mind that like you, others too have their opinion. However, this doesn’t mean that you will perform negative commenting on the site. If the pins added for the site are not perfect to you, then you should search for the others instead of adding negative comments. This site is all about connecting people with each other through pins. Due to this reason it has also developed as the most suitable platform to share ideas as well as inspiration. So, if a pin has not managed to draw your attention, then you should move on for the next one.
• It’s the Pinterest where people can have the ability to pin the work of others for their blogs. However, linking back to the actual post shouldn’t be done through this site. People have to offer credit to the actual person who did the original work.
• There are also fake users in this site who are taking help of the spam bots in order to comment as well as pin things. These spam bots can even contain the link of the purchasing site. Well, such spam bots are what exactly making Pinterest a much crowded place as well as breaking the interest of people while using this site. So, this should stop.
• Pinterest is the site which is designed and announced to share your ideas as well as interest. And this site is not designed for those who wish generate revenue on the basis of every quality idea. This sort of free advertising on the site can make just other users feel annoyed.

The pinterest is actually designed to be very social and visual. The users may create plenty of pinboards they would like and based on the interests, hobbies and other categories. For instance, you may create the pin board named as “Bucket List” as well as as include images of the people doing these things that you wish to do prior to you kick on bucket. People may follow you on the pinboard as well as repin the content they like that also adds this to their pinboard. The pinterest gives the bookmarking tool named “Bookmarklet”, which installs to the Web browser toolbar as well as allows you pin any video or image you find while browsing Internet. You may also add the Pinterest button to the blog for redirecting the people to the pinboards. Whenever you visit other person’s pinboard and you have 5 choices for actions that you can perform. You may follow this person, follow the pinboard, like the specific pin, comment in the pin, and repin a pin to your own pinboards.