Understanding The Basics Of Using Links

Designing and building links is something that every online business owner will probably attempt at one point or another. They are a great way to advertise and to get your brand or company name seen in different places. But it can be a good idea to understand the basics of using Links.

Links are great in more than one way, not only do they bring in traffic and advertise your business, but they also have another important purpose that most people aren’t aware of. Every time another website displays your link on their site, it creates what is known as a vote in favour towards your website, this is because search engines consider the number of links, or votes when they determine a web sites ranking on their search engine. For those of you who intend to display links on your web site from other websites that you don’t want to necessarily affiliate your business with the, you can sue what is known as a no follow tag.

It is important however that you make good decisions about what web sites you choose to advertise your link on. While there are many web sites available on the internet, a good majority of them are sites whose reputation might be more on the questionable side. And though it’s not illegal to advertise on these sites, you don’t want probably don’t want your business being associated with them.

Even if the price is extremely good, it’s important to think about the ongoing consequences of using one of these sites, if they are using Black-Hat SEO techniques it’s likely they will eventually be flagged by search engines, the last thing you want is your site by association to be flagged as well. So you want to select sites that are likely to have visitors that would be interested in your product as well. For example, if you have an online shoe shop, then placing a link on a clothing web site or accessory web site will seem have a natural flow to it, and likely be more successful in its goal.

There is much more to using links, so I would suggest doing some study before you make decisions about using them. And while it is possible to use them on your own, it can be a good idea to get help from an SEO expert who will know exactly how to use them.