Common Mistakes Made in Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine optimization is the best way to ensure that a website ranks highly in search engine keyword searches. It is important for your business website to rank as highly as possible to ensure that there is a consistent flow of traffic to your website. The wonderful thing about search engine optimization is that is can be incredibly simple and cost effective to do. However there are a few optimization mistakes that many website developers make when they create new websites.

Some people misunderstand the nature of keyword and key phrase searches when they are trying to use SEO techniques, and they think that the keywords which they would search for are exactly what others would search for as well. Many business owners forget that because they are experts in their field, what they search for may be very different from what the average customer would search for, and they therefore attempt to optimize their website using the wrong sets of keywords. It can be a good idea to use a special analytical word tracking tool to find out which keywords associated with a type of business are currently being used to search for products and services in the major search engines. Using a tool that allows you to see which demographics are most likely to use which search terms can help a business to attract the demographics that they want to attract. This can be particularly effective if you target a younger demographic who may use slang terminology.

Using a lot of Javascript and Flash on your website can negatively affect your search engine rankings, because search engines find it very hard to index sites which include a lot of Flash. Although these sites may look very attractive, and be more fun to use, search engines will not be able to pick key words and links out of them properly, because all the necessary data is embedded deeply in complex code. The same problem will occur if you use lots of images with text written upon them. Although your customers will be able to see these images clearly, your potential customers may never actually arrive at your website, because search engines cannot read keywords or phrases from these pictures!

Having a larger number of links to your website will also help with SEO, however many people do not understand where to include these links. Some people will waste a lot of time posting in forums thinking that their signature acts as a link out to their website, however many forums have special filters on that ban these types of links, so they will not count towards improving rankings. Other people know to include a lot of internal links within the web page itself, however they actually end up making their website less functional and less user-friendly by including circular links and superfluous links, which can frustrate customers and could prevent them from returning to the website. It is important to understand the balance between search engine optimization and risking decreased functionality.